Having a free blog/website on Blogspot is a nice thing, right?

But there are a few drawbacks which you must know since its free service. So, today, I will discuss Blogspot limitations and my personal experience with blogger.com.

What is Blogspot?

Well, usually people call it blogger.com which offers service to create a free blog with Blogspot sub-domain. But Blogspot name is used for convenience. It is a free Content management system platform where you can create a free blog or website without paying a single penny.

Google bought Blogspot in 2003 and starting offering free blog service and hosting their data on Google drive. Anyone can create their website and manage multi-blogs without paying money, and there are no ads or hidden caught.

Blogspot Limitations & Drawbacks

Blogspot is the right solution for newcomers to start off their first website for learning and testing. But if you are going to make a professional website, then Blogger.com isn’t the best choice.

I also started my first blog on blogger.com when I was like 15-16 old. Well, my website wasn’t really a success, but I learned a lot of things, and now here I am. 🙂

If you are going to start a new blog, then I suggest you to know these Blogspot limitations since some are quite concerning.

Summary of 10 Blogspot Limitations

1. How much is Blog Limit each Blogger Account?

Blogger allows users to create at least 100 blogs on one Google account. Which is obviously enough for anyone. After you hit 100 limits, you probably will have to delete previous blogs to create a new one.

2. How much is Blogger Post limit?

There is no limit in publishing posts on your blog. You can write unlimited words in the post with images or videos that can be host by Google drive or on Youtube. All posts are available on the blog post list, and you can also customize or modify your posts after publishing it. All posts are saved on blog account, and post manager allows you to draft or delete post anytime.

3. How much is Blogspot Image storage limit?

Blogspot provides 1GB image storage. But if you make Google drive or plus account then it will give you an extra space to store at least 15GB of images, files, and documents. All the images are stored on Google drive, and you can modify or remove images from it.

4. Image Size Limit

You can upload images with size under 1GB on your blog or in Google drive. All the images, you upload, are stored in Picasa owned by Google. If you have deleted any image from the blog, it will be available in Picasa. You can access Picasa from Google drive. If you want to remove images permanently then you can do it from Google Picasa account.

5. PHP and Mysql Spot

PHP is very powerful and useful web language that is used to add functions to the website. But Blogger does not support PHP language. But you can use PHP by hosting it on any web hosting service. Mysql is also not available in blogspot blog.

6. Number of Labels

Adding a label to post is very important. It is used to organize and separate posts according to its category. You can set 5000 labels on one Blogspot blog. Which is enough – Unbeatable.

7. Favicon Size

Blogger also allows adding favicon image to you blog. But you can only add squared image with the dimension of 16×16. So, if you want to add favicon image, then you must resize it. The maximum size for favicon must be under 100 KB, the image with a larger size than 100 KB is not allow.

8. Size of pages

Individual pages (the main page of a blog or archive pages) are limited to 1 MB.

9. Permalink Structure

The biggest problem that I don’t like in Blogspot is its permalink option. The blog has only one type of permalink structure which is [Website]/[Date]/[Post].

For example, if you have published a post on 5 May 2016 then its permalink will be like this (https://bloggingvision.blogspot.com/2016/05/25-handpicked-sylish-blockquote-css-for.html).

You can change permalink date anything if you want from “Published On” option in the post editor. But if you modify the date, then it will modify the permalink which will affect losing page rank and origonal traffic of post. If you want to use this feature, then I recommend using redirection function to transfer your post traffic to new post URL.

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10. Blog Team Members

Blogspot allow 100 team members in one Blogger blog. You can add members anytime and also can promote than if you are an admin.

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Final Thoughts

If you are a newbie and want to start a new website without spending money on self-hosting, then I strongly recommend using Blogspot. I also start my first website on Blogspot blog and suggest to do the same. But one thing you should know is that Google can remove your blog in case of violation of terms and policy.

Google can also delete your blog if you do spam or copy other website’s contents. I recommend registering a custom domain so, in case, if Google removes your blog, then you can create a new blog with a custom domain and can import your posts again.

So, be sure to make a backup of your website posts because Google bots do not tolerate sites with duplicate contents. However, now you can request to unblock your blog if Google bots have removed it.

About the author 

Muhammad Rizwan

I am Muhammad Rizwan, a student of BSCS, and a part-time blogger. My interest in computer and internet brought me to web development, and now I am working on this website. I love to share my opinions and review and to help peoples worldwide. My goal is to improve myself in blogging field and to make my website successful.

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  1. Thank you for your sharing. This Blogspot limits will help me a lot while working with it. Do you know how can we post to Blogspot via email like with WordPress doing?

  2. How many pages can be created.(dot-com/p/….html) in blogspot blog? Somewhere says it limited to 20 pages and somewhere say unlimited? How can ve used unlimited pages?

  3. I agree with you that Blogger’s permalink setting is one of the noticeable limitation. If I may add 2 things: the first one is the free built-in templates which is not many as if compared with self-hosted WordPress. Another things is the Blogger android app which is not really nice at least in my phone.

    1. Blogspot is free a service provider so of course it has limitations and we cant really compare it with self hosted WordPress. In my opinion, blogspot is just for testing stuff.

  4. Wonderful blog post. I was viewing continuously this website and I am satisfied! Highly beneficial information particularly the last part. I take care of this kind of information much. I was seeking this specific information for a long time. Thanks and good luck.

  5. Thank you for this post. I just knew that Blogspot is possible to publish up to 5000 labels on it. I have a question base on size of pages where “Individual pages (the main page of a blog or archive pages) are limited to 1 MB.” Do you have any idea on how to measure each post size?

  6. How the possibility of their free service in blogger wil shut down and no longer used as free blogging platform ?

  7. Hey sir,

    I think these are not real problems and limitations. It’s better than paid WordPress hostings you know.

    Every blogger user should not disappointed after reading this article.

    I myself proved it on my Blogspot blog even in a month.

  8. 💯 Helpful content 💯
    💟 Keep shaRinG 💟

    Bro I am using blogspot Domain
    And i am happy, satisfied.
    I got Adsense Approval..
    And i love Blogging….on my free Domain…

  9. so, just how would I actually find anybody to “request to unblock my blog” or anything else if Google should disapprove of what I am doing? I have never seen a way to directly communicate with them nor have I ever seen anything on the Net to that effect. Love to hear from you! Best, Carolyn

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