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Adobe Photoshop is an excellent and most popular tool, used for graphic designing and web designing. It was developed in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll.

Adobe Photoshop is used for graphic editing and creating new things like cartoons, stylish magazine frames, Animation movies, and anything related to graphics. You can make beautiful designs with Adobe software and Adobe Photoshop plugins makes it a lot easier. The windows photo editor has limited functions, but with the help of Adobe Photoshop, you can edit any picture in any graphical form. Make animation images and moving banners quickly. Full access to any function available in it.

But there are limitations in Adobe PS. Which can be solved by Plugins and Extensions. There are dozens of extension and plugins are available for Photoshop. It looks quite hard to find clean code adobe photoshop extension from hundreds of plugins on the internet. Some of the plugins are free, and some are paid versions. So, to help designers and developers I have collected 25 Best Adobe Photoshop Plugins, both free and paid.

25 Best Adobe Photoshop Plugins

Below is the list of 25 Best extensions of Adobe Photoshop.

1. Free Adobe PS script Maker

HackingUi designs this plugin PS script. It is used to convert any Ps file direct into SVG extension. Save your lot of time and convert Adobe Photoshop file into SVG extension. Now you can Export your PS into Dot SVG format.

2. Prisma Photoshop Plugin

With this plugin, you can turn your photo into work of arts. Prisma Labs Inc develops this plugin. This is also available for mobile as an application. In Prisma Adobe Photoshop extension, you can transform your photo with one click into modern art styles.

3. LiveShare PS

LiveShare is very useful tool for user who want to give feedback to their users directly. Broadcast your PS document quickly with anyone on the internet with the LiveShare PS plugin.  Know how sometimes you aren’t in a position to receive immediate feedback. Their Snaps tool makes it easy to capture your whole canvas in Photoshop, share it with a shorter URL or link, and let people look what are you doing in PS and add comments at their convenience. Best of all, there’s no limit to some Snaps you can take in a day, and it’s completely Free.

4. Avocode 

Now share your design easy with other. It is a best PS extension to share design, export assets and collaborate with your team. It is available for Available for Mac, Windows & Linux. With avocado, you can export and share anything from Photoshop & Sketch, Colors, image assets, fonts, text, CSS, sizes, and dimensions. It’s all waiting for you!

5. Retinize It

‘Retinize It’ is a free Adobe Photoshop plug-in used to slice UI-elements from PSD for iOS Operating System or Retina-ready websites. It is the best tool to create designs for iOS or optimizes Retina-ready websites.

6. Ditto 

Ditto is also a free version. How does it work? It is very easy to know. Ditto is used to change text color, visibility, font sizes, font colors, line heights, X positions and Y positions. Ditto provides a small panel in layer box and show all above data in its box. Change colors, the size of a variable directly without Double clicking on it to open Design Panel of the layer.

7. Codly

Codly is the best tool for Mobile graphics designers.  It converts Photoshop design into native codes for mobile. Specially developed for Mobile developers. With the use of Codly, you can make your own Android App. Generate code for all popular mobile platforms like iOS, Windows, BlackBerry. Is Adobe is making everything easy and simple with its incredible extensions and plugins like Codly.

8. Random User Generator

The Random User Generator is a free Adobe PS tool. It generates user profile of the random user. Not useful so I will not discuss it.

9. Oven

Bake your Photoshop Layers in Oven just kidding. It is used to export it in iOS: @1x, @2x, @3x. Android: ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi format. But also used to transport in png and JPG extension. Make a duplicate layer easy with it. But not useful because it is already available in Adobe.

10. Free Adobe Lorem Ipsum Generator 

The best Lorem Ipsum generator plugin for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & Dreamweaver. How your design look like with default text or Lorem Ipsum?

11. Weather

Weather tool designed to see weather report online in Adobe Photoshop. Check live, is it rainy day or not to this toolbar.

12. AnimDessin2

This AnimDessin2 is available in Adobe Photoshop CC. It is used to create animation by frame by the image. It is used to test the movie and to set its time duration according to the frame.

13. Clear Nine Patch 

Clear Nine Patch is developed for a Graphic designer who stretches. It removes the superfluous stretchable areas through selection. The automate minimizing the stretchable patches that are defined by the left and top lines to 1px width or height.

14. WideAngleVideo3

It is originally designed for the GoPro camera, but can be used for any camera that uses a Wide Angle Lens. This panel provides wide-angle video distortion correction.

15. Griddify

It allows you to compose custom grid, systems, vertical rhythm, and do a bunch of other stuff with guides in Photoshop. It is available for Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6.

16. Photoshop Social Share Plugin

Everyone wants to share their designs on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others. This one of the favorite free Adobe Photoshop plug-in that directly share your design on social networks. Make your Photoshop more advance with the Social share plugin. It provides a best clean interface, and easy selection of image type want to share.

17. Velositey

The best tool for developers and graphic designer. Save a lot of time with Velositey free Photoshop plugin. Easy to design website and web page.  It allows you to create a website template. Create website with a beautiful design with Velositey PS tool.

18. Hexy Photoshop Plugin

Hexy is a free Photoshop extension that allows you to get colors from any image in Hex format. Hexy enables you to use the Eyedropper tool to click just click the colors you want to copy, and it copies to clipboard.

19. Size Marks

Size Mark is very useful Adobe Photoshop plugin. It allows you to check the distance between two objects. Measure image object to make the best picture. It is a free photoshop plugins for photographers.


Ink is a free document editing extension for Adobe Photoshop. These are the following features belong to ink photoshop plugin.
Layer styles: Documents most used HTML5 effects. Shadow, solid and gradient files, stroke effects.
Text formatting: Fonts name, style, size, leading, tracking, colors and so on.
Layer measures: Ink automatically measures layers width and height.
Neat and tidy: Documentation is well stored into a man “ink” folder.

21. Font Awesome PS

Fonts, as we know that are the most important part of the graphics. Fonts Awesome PS contains thousands of icons and vector images in it. If you want to add some special fonts such as Dollar sign, gears or any other. It contains all excellent fonts that we basically use at a website. These icons are called fa-fa icons, and you can add any by searching it in a search box. Select desired images from the Photoshop widget box and manage it.

22. Photoshop Pixel Snapping Toggle

Pixel Snapping is an extension for Adobe Photoshop application.

23. Kuler Panel PS CC 2014

Kuler panel in Adobe Photoshop is an extension or plugin that is used to create and match sets of colors. Killer helps to collect five colors in one click. So, you can manage colors quickly with one click. Capture colors easily from the color wheel.

24. Orange Box

The Orange Box is full of great extensions for Adobe Photoshop. If you are a game developer, so you need an orange box ps plugin to generate cartons, trains, and other images.

25. Cut&Slice me 

Cut and Slice me is last plugins of this post, but it’s not mean that it is useless. Cut & Slice is a free photoshop plugin. It very uses full for web developers to export images in different resolutions.

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  1. Actually adobe photoshop is used for a good graphics designing and web development. Many best adobe photoshop apps are included for create web design.Prisma photoshop plugin one of them. You can draw the modern art.so this is great post ……

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