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Want to migrate from DigitalOcean to other cloud hosting provider?

If so, there are a lot of worth using DigitalOcean alternative services which are best in service, features, and support.

DigitalOcean is a popular cloud hosting provider, also known as the third-largest hosting provider in term of internet-facing computers. They started off as an ideal company for developers to provide the best infrastructure to improve development to the next level.

Its no doubt that they are one of the best cloud hosting company but one company can't satisfy all customers needs. Every customer has different requirements and expectations of the company.

There are various cloud hosting company; among them, some are better for developers; others are better for blogger and designers. So, I have compiled a list of alternative companies to DigitalOcean; however check this check recommendations to save time.

Best DigitalOcean Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

Cloud hosting has become a hot spot for many developers, bloggers, businessmen, and designers. It is considered one of the safest and stable hosting these days. Since users can easily store their data on multiple servers hence increasing both security and availability.

There are various cloud hosting companies which offer their service at a reasonable price. But there is a lot of things to look for before choosing a company. If you decide on the company, then I would suggest starting with the starter plan later you can extend it.

Some companies also offer free trials so you can try and experience their service before purchasing them.

So, this is the list of 7 best DigitalOcean alternatives, and they are cheap, offers excellent service and features, and pretty much affordable for everyone.

1. Kamatera - Developer's Choice

One of the best cloud hosting solution, this company is our recommended DigitalOcean alternative. Kamatera is a dedicated cloud hosting company under operation for 20+ years. They primarily focus on improving hardware to provide a fast, reliable and robust environment for developers, bloggers and designers alike. To be honest, they are much more reliable than any other company. Their hardware is best of best, and features make them pretty much a formidable competitor to DigitalOcean.

From the outside, their website might seem simple but believe me; there is a lot to look forward too. Their hardware, as I said previously, are pretty good, they seem to be tech geeks. From cutting-edge latest CPU & SSD to fastest network, they have all to offer to customers. They provide a blazing speed of 40 Gbit/s on public and private networks. Their 13 data centers are spread in 4 continents, providing improved performance and availability.

kamatera cloud hosting server data base location

As for CPUs, Kamatera is using one of Fastest Intel Platinum processors which are 300% faster and reliable than previous-gen CPUs. Kamatera can provide a powerful backbone for medium-large size projects with upto 72 vCPUs and 384GB RAM. They guarantee you dedicated CPU and RAM resources with no sharing to other customers.

Simple cloud hosting plan starts from $4/mo with 1 vCPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD and 5TB internet traffic. Customers can decide data centers and OS(such as CloudLinux, CentOS and Debian). For additional traffic and storage, they charge $0.05 per GB per month. You can also change the billing method to the monthly or hourly system

customized plan makes kamatera

One of the best options is a Customized plan; it lets you create your own plan with custom resources. You can decide a number of vCPUs, SSD storage, RAM, Internet traffic, Public IPs and data centers. You can use the operating system of choice, and decide its versions and bit-type. You can also equip your OS with add-ons like cPanel, extended daily backup, fully managed service, and Plesk web admin.

Unlike DigitalOcean, Kamaerta offers Windows OS and 100+ more OS images including server-type, desktop OS, CMS apps and private OS images with 1-click deploy. To ensure apps availability and performance, they offer load balancer, firewalls and private networks. You can be at ease with 99.95% of uptime guarantee.

Despite lacking live chat, Kamatera offers reliable and user friendly support via phone call and email. Technical support is available 24/7. I think that Kamatera is the best cloud hosting company; their plans are suitable even for bloggers. For developers, it is no doubt good choice to deploy, scale and manage their apps with ease.

Kamatera is our recommended DigitalOcean alternative for both developers and bloggers. They out rank many cloud hosting companies. Currently, they are offering 30-days free trial to new customers to ensure them with their cloud platform and service. 

2. Vultr - Cheapest Cloud Hosting Provider

When it comes to cheap cloud hosting, Vultr can out best many companies. They are one of the popular DigitalOcean alternatives that serves similar cloud services. It's not wrong to say that Vultr has many professional veterans with 20+ year experience in cloud hosting management.

Vultr started operation in 2014 with the mission to create the best infrastructure via an advanced cloud platform which could help developers and businessmen alike to start off and manage their work. They prioritize to provide high performance cloud computing environment, provisioning of public cloud, and cloud storage facility in cities they serve.

The more data centers mean, the better; Vultr is currently operating 16 servers located in 4 continents, which may increase over time. Customer can deploy a server with one click in any data center. Whats good is their robust computing architecture based on an array of intel skylake processors and high-frequency multi-core of 3+GHz CPUs.

vultr cpu performance similar to digitalocean

Currently, 3+GHz CPU is included in High-Frequency computing cloud hosting plans, which is 98% fast compared to skylake. Memory performance is as good as CPU; they are providing 95% faster speed on 3+GHz with blazing-fast read/write performance.

They offer Cloud Compute, Dedicated Cloud, Bare Cental(dedicated with no virtualization), and Block storage cloud hosting plans. The Cloud Compute hosting plans start from $2.50/mo, which is a decent amount for their service. What's in the plans? For the basic plans, resources start from 20GB SSD storage, 521MB memory, half terabyte bandwidth, and 1 CPU. Cloud plans depend on customer needs; you can extent resources from a range of 10GB-1600GB, upto 24CPU, upto 96GB memory and 15TB bandwidth. Of course, these plans are costly from $2.50-$640 and are the best choice for medium and large size companies.

What does Vultr offer other than good computing architecture? Every web developer knows that good hardware is not the only important thing: security, Apps availability, user-interface, email service, and many other features are must-have. The user interface is straightforward and featured with almost all necessary options. Monitoring resource usage is piece of cake. Sub-user management and restriction rules are also easy to setup. Creating and managing built-in or custom OS, CMS and API are quite easy with one click on Vultr control panel.


Vultr also focuses on their security and anti-malware, which is one of the crucial features to look for. They offer DDoS mitigation system which stops DDoS attacks in minutes, providing an extra layer of protection to the cloud hosting server. Their system does real-time analytics and reporting malicious routes and attack activities as soon as they happen. This native DDoS mitigation system protects your cloud server without effecting latency increase or speed. Custom protection level security features are expected to be added soon.

Similar to DigitalOcean, Vultr customer support also lacks the live chat and phone call support. It is one of the biggest drawbacks, but their service is quite impressive - not to be look down on. In my opinion, both of these features are must for quick support in any emergency case. They do offer the ticket system, which is good but not reliable for quick support. The company has a community where customers can find a lot of topics and seek help. Their FAQ is also available with guides on technical issues, compliance, billing and accounting.

Limited offer

Vultr is one of the best DigitalOcean alternative, which I strongly recommend. Previously I explained all the benefits of using Vultr, but as our audience, you can claim Free $50 credit. Don't miss this chance 🙂

Prefer live chat? Is this why you are searching for DigitalOcean alternative? If so, then DreamHost is the best cloud hosting solution for you. They are a well known company with 1.5 million sites being hosted on their servers. It is a Los Angeles based web hosting and domain name provider founded in 1996. Their hosting is one of the fastest and most reliable compared to many popular hosts.

Well, they are the best shared web hosting provider, but their cloud hosting is no disappointment. Cloud hosting plan is divided into two unique bundles; DreamCompute and DreamObject. First one comes with unparalleled speed thanks to super-fast SSD disk, accelerated network and latest processors. 

Dreamhost image

You can automatically change your server with OpenStack-compatible API request via Command-line tools and programming libraries. Customers will have full Root access so they can choose any OS such as Linux, BSD or even MS Windows; in other words, full access for app development.

Basic Dream Compute plan cost $4.5/mo with 1vCPU, 80GB SSD, free bandwidth and 100GB block storage. The best thing about this bundle is unlimited bandwidth, so no surprise charges if there is no usage limit. ;p This bundle is the best choice for application developers as most features for development.

Dream Object is just a cloud storage service for hosting files, web apps and backups. This service can automatically backup WordPress sites, images and can use shortcodes to display the image with their special connection plugin. The starting price is 95 cent per month with 40GB storage. 

DreamHost support might not be available 24/7 for a live chat but its better than nothing. They offer ticket support and live chat(Every Day 5:30AM–9:30PM PT). As for the phone call feature, you must pay $10 per call or $15/mo for support. Well, I don't really need a phone call, so I neglect this fee thingy as a con. Their knowledge base is quite large, so most issues can be solved through their tutorials.

4. CloudWays - Managed Cloud Hosting

Another cheap cloud hosting provider for developers, CloudWays is a well known company for highly managed cloud hosting service. They don't have their own data centers like other cloud hosting companies. They use other companies infrastructure as a third party company, and provide an improved and managed cloud hosting solution. This company was founded in 2011 and had entirely changed in 2016, recalling their site as "Cloudways 2.0". 

Since CloudWays act as a hub of different cloud hosting companies such as DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, Kyup, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. It even uses DigitalOcean data centers and provides fully managed cloud hosting. They have a lot of data center, estimating to be over 60+ global data centers in many countries. New customers can get started free with their trial account(no credit card required) and can experience their service free of cost. 

cloudways image

Starting price is $10/mo with 1GB RAM, 1 processor, 25GB storage and 1TB bandwidth. Customers can decide managed hosting plan from 5 providers and all have different prices and features. Customers can pay only for resources they consume with pay as you go billing option. Free migration and SSL certificate is another good thing they offer.

Other goodies are: managed backups, dedicated firewalls, team management, unlimited application installation, 10+ apps through 1 click, multiple data centers, multiple PHP versions, PHP 7 ready server, CDN, built-in MySQl manger, 1-click server cloning, AI smart assistant, server and app monitoring, advanced server manager and many more. Their managed cloud hosting plans are equipped with optimized stack and cache optimizer that improves page loading time. 

Customer support is available 24/7 via phone call, live chat, ticketing and email. They are friendly and expert in solving technical issues. CloudWays have a rather large knowledge base with tons of tutorials on technical issues, server management, and application management. The company also manage community forum where customer can seek help on many topics.

5. CloudSigma

Isn't it a good idea to try something before buying? Free trials are an excellent opportunity to experience new services before risking both money and content. This company; CloudSigma lets you experience full root access with 7-days trial version. So, you can use their service risk free and decide later whether to purchase it or not

cloudsigma image

CloudSigma is another cloud and VPS hosting company which provide both control and flexibility to make the best-customized cloud environment for work. Their plans are most suitable for app developers because they can have full root access. Founded in Switzerland in 2009, CloudSigma has 13+ data centers operating in Switzerland, USA, Germany, Ireland, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Japan.

Full control over server is reasonable, but there is a lot to look for. CloudSigma aims to provide a reliable platform for developers to deploy, scale, and manage their operating system and workload. There are numbers of plugins, integrations, and drivers in your cloud. You can integrate your cloud with OpenStack Heat plugin, Ubuntu & CloudInit, CoreOS & cloud-init, Abiquo Hybrid Cloud, pycloudsigma Library, Apache jclouds Driver, Apache Libcloud Driver, fog.io Library and Ansible Integration.

cloudsigma best cloud hosting for developers

CloudSigma ensures customers their server availability and uptime, which are essential to maintain customers work. They use modern hardware and SSD drives to provide fast and efficient performance. To empower customers, they offer high availability feature-sets and tools to help them find and eliminate a single point of failure in computing and storing. They guarantee x50 times credit on experiencing 15mins downtime.

There are many more benefits of using CloudSigma, but let's talk about their plans. There are many things which makes CloudSigma an alternative to DigitalOcean. One of them is a customized plan; it enables you to decide how much of computing resources you want. So instead of paying for the whole plan, you get to pay for what you use. Billing looks so transparent and straightforward; resources are calculated every 5 mins, and billing can be done in both hourly and monthly bases.

No customized plan in mind? Cloud hosting plans start from $10/mo, which gives 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, 50GB SSD storage, 5TB data transfer and unlimited IOPS. Their plans are a bit costly, but its worth buying. For large scale works, you can get upto 40CPU cores and 128GB RAM per server. They also offer a free tier of resources(1GB of RAM, 50GB SSD and 5TB of outbound data transfer) to every customer with $10 monthly payment.

Customer support is another thing which makes this company a DigitalOcean alternative. Unlike them, CloudSigma offers 24/7 of live chat support. Their knowledge base and FAQ is also quite large with a lot of tutorials. I think that they are one of the best choices for development works since they provide full root access, Custom KVM Cloud, 9+ integrations/plugins, and many featured related to apps and OS.

(Good choice for both developer and Blogger)

InterServer is one of popular web hosting company, operating for 20+ years. With the aim to provide quality hosting and support, Interserver began operation in 1999. They are improving their service to provide reliable infrastructure to bloggers, developers, businessmen and designer. They offer many optimized OS hosting plans, including Windows, which DigitalOcean lacks currently.

There is variety of hosting plans available which are adequate for even enterprise business. They offer web hosting plan, VPN & Cloud, dedicated server, and domain registration service. Since this article is related to DigitalOcean alternative, so I will discuss about their cloud plans and features.

The cloud hosting plans is divided into VPS Home, Windows VPS, WEBUZO VPS, and WordPress VPS. Basic cloud VPS plan aka VPS Home is very cheap, starting price is $6/mo, which include 1 CPU, 2GB memory, 30GB SSD storage and 1TB transfer. This plan can be extended upto 16x and price isn't much high compared to many other cloud hosting providers.

wordpress managed cloud hosting interserver

If you plan on making a blog or website, then WordPress cloud VPS plan is one of the best choices. It is well optimized WordPress plan with many pre-configured plugins. Pre-installed plugins like Fast Cashe and Xcashe php accelerator enhances website performance and speed. Fortunately price for WordPress cloud VPS is same as VPN Home plan.

So, what's really good about InterServer? Well, they give 20x times faster cloud storage performance than standard SATA drives. Servers are guaranteed 99.9% server uptime. Data consistency and redundancy is maintained by Raid level 10 storage array which provides optimal performance and all critical workloads.

As for control panel, developers can use integrated Webuzo control panel, bread basket scripts that help with all development needs. Developers can use tons of scripts that help ease in managing blogs, portals, forums, image galleries and e-commerce sites. Breadbasket can deploy php, python, java and Perl and many more scripts and tools. You can deploy 483+ web application (CMS) and many OS with 1-click.

Interserver cpanel image

One of the famous and most used control panels, cPanel is also available to use. New customers can migrate their sites free of cost. They guarantee excellent server performance with average hosting of 99.97% server uptime. Their data centers are US-based and don't offer much data center in other countries like Vultr.

Unlike Vultr and DigitalOcean, InterServer provides customer support via live chat, email and phone call. Their support team is online 24/7 to help in technical, billing and sales issues. The knowledge base has tons of tutorials on a variety of topics and CMS management. In my opinion, InterServer is an ideal choice for developers, and their WordPress VPS is best for bloggers.

7. Linode

Serving over 800,000 customers, Linode is another DigitalOcean alternative dedicated to cloud hosting. It was founded in 2003 as a cheap cloud hosting solution for app developers as well as bloggers. Having a lot of experience in this field, Linode team has specialized in providing fast, stable and scalable cloud hosting for apps and website. Their Linux based servers are reliable with a robust infrastructure. Currently, they are operating 9 data centers in 3 continents. 

There are currently offering 4 plans: Standard, Dedicated CPU, GPU plan and High Memory plan. Standard plans are similar to Vultr, starting price is $5/mo, which include 1GB RAM, 1CPU, 25GB SSD storage, 1TB transfer, and 40GBps network in and 1GB network out. You can also buy add-ons like monthly backup, GPU instances, Block storage, managed service, system metrics, additional IP, and Node balancer. They ensure to provide 99.9% server uptime and full monitoring.

linode control panel image

So what's good about Linode? Linode plans might seem simple and all, but there are some excellent features like Longview. It provides a graphical interface by collecting all the system-level metrics and show their graphs. It can show performance issue, all server performance, avg CPU usage/user, and a lot of useful information. Node balancer is another advanced add-on which increases app availability and improves performance.

Linode has a straightforward control panel with a lot of features. You can quickly deploy, boot, resize, and clone cloud environment without spending much time. As for developers, tools like API access, Stackscript deployment and CLI (command-line interface) are available. System recovery and cloning entire configuration are one click deploy features. You can deploy Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Arch, Debian, OpenSUSE and Slackware images in no time. 

All support channels: live chat, ticket system, email, fax, and phone calls are available to help in technical issues, the management and business solutions. As for the knowledge base, Lindoe has one hell of tutorials. There are guides for newcomers, website and server management, technical issues, security and backups, database and analytics, apps, and even on creating games servers.

Conclusion - So which DigitalOcean alternative to go for?

So, these were the alternative to DigitalOcean cloud hosting. There are many other companies, but these are cheap, reliable, and affordable for everyone.

My suggested companies are not really an ideal choice for all types of customers. Some are good for developers; others are good for bloggers. It just depends on customers need, right?

Developers are more into having full access over their server & instances. Having plugins, integrations, and access to scripts makes their work easy. For developers, Kamatera and DreamHost are an excellent choice. They both offer full root access, good hardware, and a lot of features. However, InterServer isn't bad half bad either; they offer pretty good features too. 

Bloggers are used to WordPress and CMS apps for managing their website and content. They don't care about full root access and complicated features. As for me, I would instead go for managed WordPress hosting than having full control. For bloggers and webmasters, I would suggest going for InterServer(Full managed WordPress) and Vultr(Cheapest Cloud hosting). 

I hope my list would help you to decide the best and ideal cloud hosting company for your work. These were my recommendations, but who knows, everyone has a different opinion. If you think there are other worth DigitalOcean alternative, don't hesitate to comment below. 

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