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Isn't it awkward reading an article, again and again, to make sure that it is error-free?

Yes, it is especially if you are not familiar with English grammar fundamentals.

No doubt that English is the toughest language to write and speak, mostly for English as Second Language(ESL) peoples. Even for people who grow up with English do common mistakes while writing.

Would you like a tool to help you to improve your English skills and proofread your articles?


I am sure all of you are agreed. Nowadays, online language enhancement softwares are very popular to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes instantly.

I used many language improvement tools when I start writing contents on my website because I am non-native English speaker. And I was also worst in English writing at the beginning which leads me to embarrassment. So, I searched for English improvement tools on the internet and then I found Ginger Software.

Ginger Software is the best grammar checking software, which checks and suggest correction of silly grammatical mistakes. Because this software is excellent, I thought of writing Ginger Review to share my personal experience with you.

Before staring Ginger Software Review, let me tell you the brief information about the company and peoples behind it.

Ginger Software Review

History of Ginger

Ginger Software was developed nearly in 2007 by an Israel company. The founders of Ginger are Yael Karov and Avner Zangvil. The company has developed many writing enhancement apps using patented software algorithms that deal with natural language processing. They are specializing in language improvement tools with the aim to develop enhanced writing communication and increase mobile productivity.

The Company has claimed that Ginger Proofreader provide relatively high accuracy and can solve 95% of writing error than other proofreading softwares. Ginger is based on an algorithm that analyzes the context of each sentence rather than checking each word. It means that it understand the whole sentence and then suggest the correction.

Ginger Software is a part of top spelling and grammar checker software in the world. It is beneficial for both native and non-native English speaker to improve English speaking and writing skills. Now their popular products are Ginger Page for Desktop and iOS, Keyboard App for Android and Browser and Microsoft extensions.

Ginger Software Review 2024

Ginger is an online language enhancement tool that helps you to write better English. It is a unique software, which does not check each misspelled word as it is based on the context of the complete sentence. It means that Ginger understands the full sentence and suggest correction based on its context.

It helps you to write better by suggesting a correction in common mistakes as well as in advance mistakes. You can also use it to improve English by learning from your grammar and spelling mistakes. The tool is so awesome that both native and non-native English speakers can take advantage of it.

So, in Ginger Software Review, we are going to talk about every aspect of Ginger including its key features, integrations, prices and my personal experience with it.

Key Features of Ginger Proofreader

These are the 5 rare features which make Ginger worth proofreading software. I have described each of it below.

Note: Some of the features described below are only available in the premium version of Ginger Software such as Text reader feature. So, you have to buy Ginger monthly or yearly subscription plan to use these features.


Spelling and Grammar Checker

Grammatical and spelling mistakes are most common, and these mistakes can make your written text unprofessional. Lucky, Ginger software is mainly focused on spelling and grammar checking. It provides a re-busting spelling and grammar checking feature making sure that your content is perfect from every point.

Ginger provides accurate grammar checking, so you can make your sentences meaningful and clarified. The software is updated continuously to include newer words so that software will solve spelling mistakes in names of new products.

Ginger does not work like other grammar checking software. Instead of checking each word, it analyzes the whole sentence and suggests the right word depending on sentence style and fragments.



Ginger Software provide a fantastic feature which they call "Rephraser". This feature allows the writer to express his/her written sentence in an alternative way, with a purpose to make the sentence attractive and unique. Rephrasing feature scans each line and suggest an alternative meant sentence by changing one or more words with its synonyms and similar meant phrase.

With Rephraser feature, you can express your original sentence by replacing it with different words that have the same meaning. Using this feature is so easy, just write or paste the paragraph in Ginger and click on rephraser feature. After scanning the line, it will suggest you an alternative sentences and you can change it by clicking on done button.



When it comes to spoken English improvement tools, I surely recommend using Ginger due to its text-to-speech feature. Text reading is an amazing feature to improve English speaking. To improve spoken English, experts suggest reading newsletter and novels loudly, and listening to movies. So, listening to your written text is a best way to improve spoken English. However, it is better to copy articles form professional websites and listening to them using Ginger.

Ginger is using a lastest cutting-edge technology, ensuring to provide you a proper enunciation and accent of a native US or UK English speaker. Using this feature, you can improve your English speaking prety faster and can speak with confinece like a native English speaker. Unfortunatly, this feature is only available for premium members, so you must pay for it.


Multi-Language Translator

Ginger Review Multi Translator

Multi-Translation is another best feature of Ginger software that allows translating text between more than 40 languages. Ginger uses a cutting-edge translation technology so that you can express yourself naturally in any language you want.

This feature is entirely free, and you can use this feature on all devices. To use this feature, input your content in Ginger productivity and choose the desired language and click on translation button.


Enhance Vocabulary with Dictionary

Ginger Software has its own built-in Dictionary that is very helpful to enhance vocabulary. You can find definitions, synonyms, antonyms, word origins, and example sentences instantly using this feature. I find Dictionary feature every useful due to Pop-up Definition feature, available in the browser extension. With this feature, you can check the definition of any word on the website.

To use this feature, install the Ginger browser extension and enable Pop-up definition feature. Now you can check definitions of words on a website by double-clicking on it. Moreover, you can use translation and text-to-speech feature in Pop-up too.

How to Get Access to Ginger Proofreading Tool

Ginger can be use on multiple devices, as it is available for Android, iOS, Desktop and extension for browser(Chrome & Safari) and Microsoft.

Lets talk further about Ginger Integrations.

Ginger Browser Extension

Ginger browser extension provides everything you need to write better and error-free English content. You can take full advantage of this spelling and grammar checker, no matter, whether you are writing Facebook status, Tweeting something or writing an email with a browser extension.

Its browser extension is available for Google chrome and safari even if you are using the free subscription plan. Unfortunately, it is not developed for Firefox yet. But there is a chance that they will make its extension in the future.

To use its browser extension, you must download it in your browser and input your login details. It will highlight your mistakes automatically in your Facebook status area or in anywhere you are writing content.

In the screenshot below, you can see that I have written a paragraph in my Gmail box. I have installed Ginger and logged in my account. Let's see what happened. It scanned my content automatically and highlighted mistakes with blue color.

Review of Ginger Browser extension

To correct the mistakes, you must hover over the highlighted word and click on to approve the suggestion. But the bad thing about Ginger is, it highlights all mistakes (spelling, grammar, and punctuation marks) with the same color, unlike other online grammar checker tools. So, you must hover over a wrong word to know whether it is spelling mistakes or grammar.

One amazing thing about Ginger software is that you can also check details about any word on the website and the uses of the word as noun or verb in sentences. Even it also provides a feature to check the synonyms and translation (In any language) of selected words. It is a very useful feature to enhance vocabulary and save a lot of time.

Pop-up Defination feature : Ginger Review

Pop-up Defination feature

I find that this feature does not work in WordPress editor, Facebook status or in any other content area. It only shows the details of words which was already present on the website. It's quite frustrating? Is it.

Microsoft Word Extension

If you mostly write in Microsoft Word, then you can use Ginger MS-word extension. You can get access to all features with MS extension.

Unfortunately, Ginger only provide MS extension to premium members.

Review of Ginger software: Microsoft Extension

Ginger Page for Desktop & iOS

Ginger Page is a native app, similar to word processing application. But it contains proofreading features such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation checking. You can install this grammar checker app on Desktop, laptop and iOS devices to get access to their service.

The snapshot of desktop version is given below. To open Ginger instantly, just press F2 key. Write anything you want. The software works in real time, its mean that it scans text continually and highlight mistakes. You can add words to favorite and also get a phrase of the day.

Ginger Desktop

Ginger iOS version is entirely similar to desktop version Below is the screenshot of Ginger Page installed on an iOS device.

Ginger Page Review

Ginger Keyboard App

Ginger is making significant progress in the field of proofreading software and communication. Recently, they have launched their grammar and spelling checking custom keyboard app for Android device. The app replaces the default mobile screen keyboard with its advanced and more functional keyboard, making it accessible to Ginger library.

Ginger Keyboard App

The Ginger app provides a full set of advanced feature to write an error-free message on your phone. You can change your sentence to more meaningful and clarifying sentence with rephraser feature. Like Web version, it also includes features such as multi-language translator, Text-to-speaker, Definitions, and Synonyms. However, unique features are quick share text, Rich text formatting, Phrase of the day and add to Favorites.

Like other messaging apps, Ginger custom keyboard app also offer the ability to customize the keyboard theme to enjoy the colorful experience with tons of proofreading options. You can also add hundreds of emoji, emotions and stickers.

Ginger Keyboard App Themes

The Price of Ginger

Ginger offers two subscription plans, a basic that cost $5.10/month and a premium plan that cost $9.25 per month. Premium plan includes more features than the basic plan, that's why it's more expensive.

In premium version of this grammar checker, you can use sentence rephraser, text reader, and also can analysis your errors.

At the time of writing Ginger Software review, they was offering 50% discount on basic and premium subscription. To avail this offer click the button.

Ginger Discount Offer

Get 50% discount on yearly subscription plans.

However, this grammar checker tool also offers a free subscription plan. In the free account, you can correct common contextual spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Even, you can use rephraser feature in the free version. But you can correct a limited number of errors with one click.

However, the best thing is, you can see correct word even if the daily limit is completed, but can't correct it by clicking approve button. So, you must correct it by retyping it.

Below is the comparison of basic and premium subscription plan.


Basic Plan

Premium Plan

Unlimited Grammar Checker

Translations in 40 Languages


Ginger for Browsers

Sentence Rephraser

Text Reader

Practice on your mistakes

Practice on your mistakes

Why Should You Use Ginger Software?

English is a most commonly used language in the world, but it is also commonly misused, even by peoples whose native language is English. As a non-native English speaker, I make many mistakes while writing articles due to lack of grammar and vocabulary knowledge.

Grammatical mistakes can make your article unprofessional which cause losing readers and sales as well. Writing error-free article is very important, no matter, whether you are writing a story, essay, website articles, or notes for your students.

There are two ways of solving this problem, enhancing English - takes a long time or using a writing enhancement tool - a fast way. Ginger Software is the best writing improvement tool.

It's not only correct mistakes in words, grammar and punctuation, but it also helps to enhance your English by showing the synonyms and details about selected word. Ginger Software speaks your text and also provide a feature to translate your content to any language.

My Personal Experience with Ginger Software

After using Ginger software, I find that the tool is so awesome for bloggers as well as for students and writers.

Checking grammar mistakes has never been easier for me. But when I start using Ginger software everything got changed. Now I write with confidence and notice my grammar and spelling mistakes.

I especially fall in love with text reader and custom dictionary feature. I find these features very useful to improve vocabulary and spoken English skills.

Unlike Microsoft Word, it does not suggest multiple words which confuse the writer. But it suggests accurate correction after understanding the meaning of the sentence. Best thing is that it is also available as MS extension.

Ginger does what it claims, with this proofreading tool correcting grammar and spelling mistakes are one click way from me due to the fantastic proofreading feature of Ginger.

The best thing is that you can use it at anyplace as it is available for every device such as iOS, Android, browser extension, MS-Word extension and Windows.

Ginger Software Review - Collusion

I surely recommend using Ginger software if you want to get rid of silly grammatical mistakes.

With Ginger spelling and grammar checking software writing error-free articles is so easy and simple. You do not need to ask others to proofread your articles. Just input your content and boom. Every mistake will be highlighted in a few seconds. It is a great tool to have in your pocket especially for students. You can use it anytime and at any place.

If you are going to use Ginger, then I recommend trying its free plan first as I do. I will love to know your experience if you are already using Ginger Software.

Do you like Ginger Software Review? Leave your valuable thoughts in comment section and do not forget to share it on social networks.

About the author 

Muhammad Rizwan

I am Muhammad Rizwan, a student of BSCS, and a part-time blogger. My interest in computer and internet brought me to web development, and now I am working on this website. I love to share my opinions and review and to help peoples worldwide. My goal is to improve myself in blogging field and to make my website successful.

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