GoDaddy is a cheap and affordable domain registrar and web hosting company. It is the first choice for those users who are starting their first website to devote their life to blogging or online business. Buying web hosting is difficult for some users that began to start their first website with less amount of money.

Many peoples such as me face many difficult to buy web hosting because of the money issue. However, a special day for those users who can not be able to buy expensive web hosting and domain name can purchase all those items on GoDaddy Black Friday. Yes, Black Friday is now available.

Black Friday is such a big day for bloggers and webmaster. Because it is a day of a big discount on domain registrar, themes and internet tools. Many users are waiting for this day to save their money. Now GoDaddy has also participated in this Black Friday Deals to attract more clients.

So, now its time for you to buy cheap and affordable web hosting and domain name with Max discount at GoDaddy Black Friday.

GoDaddy Black Friday Deals 2019 – Grab Max Discount

GoDaddy is very popular website due to its low prices and web hosting plans. I have bought some domain names from GoDaddy at a low price of 0.99$ per year, but the real prices are not the same. It has both things pros and cons of its web hosting plans and features. I will explain a short summary of these advantages and disadvantages.
So, let get start with Pros.

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Web Hosting Plans Prices

As I said previously, GoDaddy provides most of its features at low prices. All the plans have rates according to their characteristics and limits. GoDaddy offers upto 46% discount on Ultimate plan but for new website, basic plan is best because newbies do not require features such as SSL and premium DNS. You can check other plan prices given below. Renew fees are not much only 6.99$ per month for basic plan users.

Bandwidth & Storage

GoDaddy is based on unlimited bandwidth so, you are not limited more. No effects will happen when you drive more traffic and views per month or years.
However, website space is limited to upload contents. They provide 100GB web space that is enough to start site. I promise that no one can beat Godaddy web space limit.

Malware Scanner

GoDaddy also has a malware detector feature, but I am afraid that it is not free. Prices are quite bit more for this feature, but pro blogger can use it for more safety. The best thing is, malware scanner will check your website every day. And it monitors spamming and search engine blacklisting.


Domain Renewal Prices

It is true that GoDaddy is a cheap domain registrar but renewal price is double or more than the first year price. Renewal prices of the domain name are near-by to 14$-more. This is the main reason why many of their clients are leaving GoDaddy. But on the other hand, it gives you an opportunity to start your website at cheap and affordable domain registration prices. So, I already said that it has pros but also have cons too.

Slow Hosting Speed

I heard from many webmasters that GoDaddy has low hosting speed. Website speed has a major effect on the site so, GoDaddy does not have a significant feature that blogger should require. But, this has happened in the past day, now many real-user reviews are giving 4-5 stars to GoDaddy web hosting. But I am not too sure about its web hosting speed.

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Now What:

I have explained all the information and features of using GoDaddy web hosting. Now it’s your turn if you want maximum discount than GoDaddy Black Friday┬áis the best day for you to start your website for passive income. But you can try another web hosting or domain registrar companies because all of them are offering a discount on Black Friday.

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I am Muhammad Rizwan, a student of BSCS, and a part-time blogger. My interest in computer and internet brought me to web development, and now I am working on this website. I love to share my opinions and review and to help peoples worldwide. My goal is to improve myself in blogging field and to make my website successful.

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