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Your landing on this page means you are familiar with Grammarly proofreading tool and definitely searching for Grammarly discount.

Am I right?

Of course, everyone loves to get discounts, and therefore I published this post to help bloggers and writer save big on the annual plan of Grammarly.

So, being a blogger or writer, it is compulsory to proofread your content to make them error-free and understandable for the readers. Keep in mind that due to lack of grammar and vocabulary knowledge, visitors will leave your website.

Therefore, I think proofreading tool is valuable for better writing, and Grammarly is playing the best role of spelling, grammar, and punctuation checker tool. But most of its features are premium and subscription is expensive so here I have an exclusive discount offer.


grammarly student discount


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*Buy annual plan to save big / Prices may vary due to promotions

Grammarly Student Discount to Save Big in 2024

Grammarly is writing enhancement tool that is worthy for Bloggers, writers, freelancer and businessmen even for students. Grammarly Inc developed it. It is an online tool that can be used on the browser, MS-Word and on Desktop as an application.

In the beginning, the main aim of this tool was spelling, and grammar checking and then developers added more functionalities such as plagiarism and vocabulary enhancement to make it complete proofreader. Now it provides a complete environment to write and correct English articles. However, plagiarism checking is a special feature for bloggers and freelancers.

Premium Features That Make Grammarly Worthy

Plagiarism Checker

In Blogging career, I always do my best to write unique contents because Google algorithms penalize websites that have duplicate contents. But sometimes mistakenly some phrases become duplicate because thousands of websites are online with same topics.

Plagiarism feature becomes very helpful for me to check out my article from plagiarism. It allows users to scan their contents to found duplicate phrases. Actually, Grammarly service has saved thousands of website data in its database. Whenever we turn on plagiarism function, it matches each line with its service database and alert us if any phrase match with another publisher post.

Vocabulary Enhancement

How many times do you find a word that you was not familiar with on website?
As I am a non-native English speaker, my vocabulary is not too good and many times I find words on the internet which were unknown to me. And to check its meaning, I open Google translator every time which takes much time.

But when I join Grammarly it makes everything easy for me. Now I have turned on function on my browser and whenever I found an unknown word I just double-click on it. And a pop-up appears that shows me all the details about the word. So, Grammarly is a worthy tool to enhance vocabulary too.

Document Type Selection

Document type selection is a premium feature which allows the user to select the type of document writing. In the beginning, I was not familiar with this feature but after using it, I feel it useful for some reasons. This feature changes the suggestion service.

As you know that writing a book is different from writing a blog post. So, this feature can help you by suggesting words according to the type and style of phrases you are writing.

If you are having issues with Grammarly, then must check out following Grammarly alternatives to find similar services and tools.

How Can I Get Grammarly Discount Deal?

If you are reading this line, it’s mean you are ready to buy a subscription with saving $35. You do not need to use any Grammarly coupon because this link will automatically activate discount offer.

Follow the given steps to avail this Grammarly student discount offer:

1.Click the below link to reach the special Grammarly promo page.

2. If a pop-up has appeared after reaching Grammarly website that is showing you a discount page it means you are on the discount page. Click on Go Premium.

Grammarly Discount

3. After that, it will ask you to install Browser extension to go ahead to sign up page.


4. Fill up the sign-up forum with your Name, Email, and password after installing the extension.


5. Now click on “Get Grammarly Premium” and fill payment forum to complete sign up.


You have successfully brought Grammarly premium for 1 year with a special Grammarly promo and saved big money. Now you can use it to write batter than before.

I am also using Grammarly since last year to write error-free articles and my experience with it is quite well. But sometimes its suggestions does not fit in the sentence. As you know, that computer proofreader can not take the place of human proofreading so it can never be perfect. However, it is very useful to correct tiny mistakes that we commonly do, and plagiarism feature makes it unique proofreading tool.

If my Grammarly discount link helped you to save some money then in exchange, share it with your friends on social networks. And I would like to know your personal experience with Grammarly proofreading service.

[P.S: You will get the maximum Grammarly discount provided by the official website.]

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I am Muhammad Rizwan, a student of BSCS, and a part-time blogger. My interest in computer and internet brought me to web development, and now I am working on this website. I love to share my opinions and review and to help peoples worldwide. My goal is to improve myself in blogging field and to make my website successful.

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