How to add Auto Refresh System in Blogger

Do you want to increase your blog pageviews? If you wish, then this tutorial is very helpful for you to increase your blog page views.

If you wish, then this tutorial is very helpful for you to increase your blog page views. Pageviews are very valuable for website rank and also to earning more money from ads by increasing imprecations.

Are you thinking how? It can happen by using Auto refresh system. As the words say, the fresh auto system will reload your blog after a specific time, and it will count as a new view of the website. So today, I am sharing this helpful trick with you. So let get started to make some changes in Blogspot template to add the auto-refresh system.

What is Auto Refresh System in Blogger?

We have recently discussed a summary of auto refresh and now let us discuss more it. It is a small meta tag that we use in BlogSpot template to order to reload or refresh the website page. You can add desired time of refreshing of the website.

How to add Auto Refresh system in Blogger

If you want to add the auto reload or refresh then follow the steps given below.

1 Step. Log in to your Blogger account and select blog where you want to add refresh system.

2 Step. Go to your Blog template and click on Edit HTML.

3 Step. Click inside the HTML box and press Ctrl+F to call the search box.

4. Search for </head> tag and paste the following code before the </head> tag.

<meta content=’120′ http-equiv=’refresh’/>

5.Save template.

In the above meta tags, the value 120 is the time after it fresh the web page. 120 means the web will refresh after 2min if you want to add a custom time then entering in seconds.

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