Having a blog on Blogspot is the first step to blogging but there are a lot of things need to change in blog after posting articles in it. I thing you have learned in books that “First impression is last impression” I mean that you need professional looking Blogger template that can improve your design, speed, and its responsiveness.

It is hard to install Blogger Template first time in blogger blog. Some peoples do wrong steps to install blog template. It is very simple to upload and install Blogspot template. You can easily do it after this tutorial.

Extra Stuff:

I want to share some web site to you where you can easy find templates for blogger blog quickly. All sites provide professional premium Blogger templates. Click Here to Find Professional Blogger Template.

This article is published to teach Blogger “How to install custom Blogger Template in 5 easy steps“.

So let get Start

Step 1: Download Blogger Template

Many services are providing free and paid blogger templates. High-class developers develop some of the templates. Find SEO, Responsive and markup ready Blogger template for your blog. It helps you to fast your website and make it perfect. Click here to check Blogger Templates.


Step 2: Extracting Template File

Extract Downloaded Template file from the download folder and get its Template .xml format file. In Blogger Template .xml extension is used to upload and install blog template.


Step 3: Login to Blogger account and reach Template page

Now you need to login to your Blogger account and open your blog Dashboard. Go to Blog>>Template and click on Backup/Restore button as shown in the snapshot.


Step 4: Backup Template

Before doing any customization or editing in blog template, you should first need to backup your blog template. It is important because if any problem will happen in the template so you can restore it quickly with the backup file.


Step 5: Uploading and Installing Blogger Template

After doing first three necessary steps. Click on browse and select template .xml file from its location. And then click on the uploadĀ button to complete the installation. Now view your blog and check its template.

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Muhammad Rizwan

I am Muhammad Rizwan, a student of BSCS, and a part-time blogger. My interest in computer and internet brought me to web development, and now I am working on this website. I love to share my opinions and review and to help peoples worldwide. My goal is to improve myself in blogging field and to make my website successful.

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