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Review: What's Good and Bad


Free DNS, WHOIS Privacy, URL forwarding, domain-transfer, etc. What else needed.


Livechat is not available, but great support via email.


High prices but bunches of free features make it worth.

IWantMyName Review: IWanyMyName a domain provider, offering a wide range of domains choices. It has a good interface, easy domain managing, and a bunch of free features. Domain registration price might seem high but is worth a try. Why? Because DNS, WHOIS Privacy Protection, and URL Forwarding are 100% free for lifetime. So, what else do we need!


IWantMyName is a domain registrar that provide simple and painless domain management service. It was founded by former employees from several ICANN accredited domain registrars in 2008. Now it is owned by Ideegeo Group Limited, a small private company based in New Zealand.

IWantMyName has focused on only domain registry and not offering any kind of web hosting service. But there is a chance that they will offer hosting in future. However, they provide DNS hosting and URL forwarding feature. They also accept payment with Bitcoins. They claimed to provide complete control over domain management and transfer.

IWantMyName Review

Here you can find what is good and bad about IWantMyName domain registrar.

What's Good

500+ TLD Extensions Available

IWantMyName offer a wide menu of enhanced domain name solutions - focused on getting you the right domain name. They offer over +500 TLD extensions so you can register domain name according to your website topic. Even, they offer hundreds of country-code domains. They provide ICANN's Initial Evaluation passed domain name. If you are interested in any listed domain name which is not launched yet, then you can pre-order it on the individual TLD pages before the launch.

Free DNS Service

IWantMyName provide easy to use domain manager to setup your DNS. You can manage your domain records and update the nameservers in real-time. For example, if you want to host your website on free hosting like Blogger, WordPress or want to connect it to your own web hosting account, you can do it easily. You can connect your domain to over 100+ popular services with one-click setup tools.

Free WHOIS Privacy for lifetime

WHOIS Privacy is a feature that many domain providers offer while domain registry that hides your visible personal details on the WHOIS database. When you register a domain name from a domain registrar, the registered information, including your name, address and contact details, is saved in WHOIS database, and anyone can see it. IWantMyName provides a free lifetime WHOIS privacy protection feature to hide all of your personal information and contact details (name, address, email, phone) and this feature is available for most domain extensions.

Domain-Transfer Policies

Domain-Transfer is a must have option in domain registrars. All of the domain provider companies offer domain transfer option, but when user try to transfer their domain to another domain registrar, they make it difficult and add too much delay. Some of then charge too many fees for the domain transfer to stop customer. IWantMyName provide several options to transfer your domain to another domain registrar. However, some domains take many time due to ICANN policies.

Free URL Forwarding

IWantMyName also provides a feature for redirecting your domain or sub-domain to any other URL which is called URL forwarding. It is a very useful feature that allows redirecting your name to any other domain on-line on the internet. You can make subdomain and redirect then to your Facebook Page, Twitter, or any other address.

Technical Support

IWantMyName does not come with live chat and phone call technical support, but they do provide a great email support. But it can be bad for those who need urgent team support via phone call. However, their support center page is full of How-to tutorials and common customers questions/answers.

What's Bad


IWantMyName offer quite high domain registration prices among other domain registrars. If you want to register a .com domain, they will charge you $14.90, but the prices for .net is $15.50 and for .org, they charge $16.30 which is more than the price of .com. However, other domain registrars offer the same price for these TLDs types.Below, I have compared domain prices of some popular domain registrars with IWantMyName.

Domain Registrar

.com Price(First Year)

Renewal Price

WHOIS Privacy



Lifetime Free



1st Year Free


$12 - 15




Lifetime Free

They offer different prices depending on the extension type. The price starts from $9.90 and goes up to $149. The advantage of registering a domain from IWantMyName is, they offer hundreds of unique domain extension such as .City, .Website, .Academy, .Cricket, .Date, etc. However, they also provide country-code domain names such as .Pk, .US, .UK, etc.

But one thing you should have to know if you are registering any discounted domain is that the price is only lower for the first year. During the renewal time, the price will be much more(maybe twice or thrice) than the first time price.

ICANN Accreditation

IWantMyName is not an ICANN Accreditation domain registrar.

Bulk Domain Savings

IWantMyName does not offer Bulk discount to customers who are registering multiple domains at a time. Domain registrars like that, offering 500+ domain extension are not offering Bulk discount. It's quite frustrating. Is it? For example, Godaddy offer 67% discount if a customer purchase three domain names(.com, .net, .org).


If you are looking for straightforward and easy to use domain registration service and don't mind extra price, then IWantMyName is best for you. It is definitely the best place for you if you want to buy unique, personal or country-code domain as they offer variety of domain extensions.

Certainly, it is not a perfect domain registrar by any means, but IWantMyName is best to get a specific domain name. 

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