10 Mobile Apps to Earn Money in Spare Time

Wanna buy Game online? Use Best Rewarding apps to make money.

How much time do you spend in playing mobile and iOS games?

A lot of time and you might also want to buy apps and resources in mobile games.

Do you know that you can earn real money and gift cards by trying new games on mobile?

No, let me tell you more about it.

There are hundreds of app are available on Google Play store and iTune store that allow to earn real money and gift card by completing their sponsored offers. These apps allow to get money via Paypal, iTune, Google Play, XBox, Stream, etc. So, you can use these mobile apps to earn money in spare time.


Mobile App That Pay MoneyRatingDownload Link
AppKarma : #1 Money Making App9/10Install AppKarma
FreeMyApps : High Paying App9/10Install FreeMyApps
Grab Points9/10Install GrabPoints
Gift Me8/10Install GiftMe
Sensible Wallet7/10Install SensibleWallet
App Bounty 8/10Install AppBounty
Wild Wallet7/10Install WildWallet
AppNana8/10Install AppNana
Diamond Cash7/10Install DiamondCash
Cash For App: Last But least8/10Install CashForApp

Mobile Apps to Earn Money

How it works is quite simple. These mobile apps pay real money and gift cards on installing sponsored apps and by watching trailers. Most of these make money applications are based on points, and you can earn points by installing new games, watching games trailers, giving answers to quizzes, playing games, and sharing apps even for referring friends.

After earning points, you can convert these points into real money and can withdraw it via Paypal or by redeeming gift cards of popular platforms like Google, iTune, Xbox, Stream, etc.

So, if you are interesting to earn money from mobile then check out my 10 Mobile Apps to Earn Money and Giftcards. I have collected this list to provide you best and trusted apps to make money faster and easier with the help of mobile and iOS devices.

10 Mobile Apps to Earn Money

Make money mobile app are available on the play store and some of them are also on iOS. To make money install the application and complete offers as much as you can. I have explained about the app, its withdrawal options, and earning opportunities so you can choose best one by comparing these features.

I have given my ref code below every rewarding app that will give both you and me bonus points if you use it in the app. Some apps may give me % of points you earn but don’t worry it will not cut your earning.

New Recommendation:

GameHag - Legit & Trusted

Do you want to earn a reward by playing video games on mobile and desktop?

If so, then this is the best choice for you. Why?

GamerHag is one of few mobile apps to make money and gift cards which is available for Andriod, iOS, and desktop. It is an innovative rewarding app which offers a lot of ways to earn and is trusted by thousands of users.

After using other apps, I realized that GameHag is fun to use. Their web looks cool, and offered methods to earning fast are unique. On top of all that, they provide a lot of ways to exchange points and redeem gift cards, in-game rewards, and credit.

How Do GameHag works?

GameHag works the same way as other apps to make money. You start with earning virtual currency(points), which are called soul gems(SG). These soul gems can be obtained through various task and activities.

One of the best way to earn soul gems are playing video games and completing contracts. Since they offer a lot of SG through games, so it's faster and most effective.

Unlike other applications which want you to make complete progress in getting a reward, Gamehag divides the game task in a list, each completion gives a partial reward.

Moreover, you can also earn SG by completing surveys, use apps, and playing mobile games. Writing an article and voting other's content is also an excellent way to earn unlimited SG.

Earning Experience on GameHag

Level up is cool, right?

In games and in apps, level up gives best feelings and GameHag level up is no disappointing as well. Leveling up in here is rewarded with SG and better ranks.

How do runes Work on Gamehag?

GameHag offers many unique ways to SG, and using runes is one of them. It doesn't exactly give SG directly, but it works like a more multiplier.

There is various runes multiplier, some increase SG earning through task completion, others increase the reward for referring, community, and contract.

Note: Use "JustRizi" code in refer section. This will connect our account as friend, so I can directly help you in GameHag to earn fast.

Chest Buying and Opening

If you think you are lucky with RNG then you can buy GameHag chest and try your luck. There are over 30+ chests which include various premium games($30+), in-game contents, gift card, and gems. For earning SG, you might also get a free chest which is excellent starting up gift.

Earning through GameHag Community

Another excellent way to make some unlimited SG, but it's not easy. By writing an article in their community and voting other's content, you can earn SG.

Ranking in the top 3 is rewarded with SG every day. Being in the top 3 in the monthly and all-time ranking is also rewarded with sweet rewards.

How can I earn a free reward on GameHag?

They offer various ways to earn free rewards.

  1. By playing Games
  2. Contracts
  3. Mini-Games
  4. Promo Code
  5. Talking on Forum
  6. Writing article
  7. Referral System( 150-1000 SG+/invite)
  8. Downloading extension ( 1-Time)

What rewards can I earn on GameHag?

  1. Riot Points
  2. Steam Wallet
  3. V-bucks (Fortnite)
  4. Google Play
  5. Amazon
  6. Kinguin
  7. iTunes
  8. Battle.net
  9. World of Tanks
  10. PaySafeCard
  11. skins CS:GO
  12. game keys (PUBG, FIFA 18, Far Cry 5 and many more)
  13. gaming gear
  14. +more

1. AppKarma – Best Rewarding App

AppKarm: Mobile Apps to Earn MoneyYou might be thinking, why AppKarma is best rewarding app over hundreds of other cash paying apps. Most people are impatient and want to make and get money as fast as they can. AppKarma is one and only app that offer a lot more ways to make money. It is an exceptional app through which you can earn money by watching trailers, installing games, and completing quizzes as well. Not only that but some sponsored apps provide huge reward on playing it for a specific time.

I have used it for a while and had withdrawn to Paypal account. They send my reward in just a single day. The app gives 30% bonus points bonus from your referrer earning. You can refer friends from social networks or other sources. AppKarma also provides bunches of money on completing achievements are totally awesome. The unique thing about AppKarma is that it returns 5% of withdrawn or redeemed points. You can check the rest by using it and I am sure you will love it.

Get AppKarma +300 Free Points

I have a special bonus for my visitors who are going to join AppKarma. Use this Name"BloggingVision" in the referral box after signing up in AppKarma to get +300 Free points.

2. FreeMyApps – Free GiftCard

FreeMyApps app that pay moneyFreeMyApp is a popular app that pays real money and gift cards. It is available for Android and iOS devices. This rewarding app is top-rated in US, Canada, and most popular countries. Most offers are only available for these countries users. This app is like AppKarma, you can earn points by installing applications and by watching sponsor videos. FreeMyApp offers the highest pay per install rate. This application is trustworthy, and millions of users are using it to get free gift cards.

It is quite impressive that they give +200 points on each invite and 15 invite is equal to $10. They provide over +35 withdrawal options that AppKarma does not provide to the user. They also give free tips to earn more points and increase income status.

Install FreeMyApps + 200 Free Points

Get +200 Free points in FreeMyApps by using my special Ref code"0e404b53". Enter this Code in ref box to get 200 points totally free.

3. AppNana – Popular Paying App

AppNana Free Gift CardsAppNana is third best android apps which pay you money and gift cards using mobile phone at home. It is similar to FreeMyApp, it also pays points for every installation of sponsored app and by watching games trailers. I have not used it much as it does not offer high points offer in my county. But it is also useful for users who live in US, UK, Canda, etc. countries.

AppNana offers fewer opportunities to make points faster. However, like FreeMyApp, it allows withdrawing money in many popular platforms. You can earn points faster by referring friends and can convert it into a gift card or can transfer it into PayPal account.

Install AppNana+ 2500 Free Points

Get +2500 Free points in AppNana: Free Gift Card App by using my special Ref code"m14535146". Enter this Code in ref box to get 2500 points totally free.

4. Gift Me – New Rewarding App

GiftMe Free Redeem Gift CardGiftMe is a newly appeared application to earn money from phone. In GiftMe, you can earn points by installing games, completing offers, watching trailers, daily rewards, and much more other ways.  This app has 4.3 rates out of 5 in Google store, and almost all user reviews are positive about it. It is available for iOS, Android, and iPhone devices. You can redeem your points for gift cards inside the app, and your gift code will be loaded directly inside GiftMe.

Get GiftMe +100 Free Points

Get +100 Free points in GiftMe as a bonus of being my ref and start making money with mobile. Use my Ref Code "d685b6" in GiftMe.

5. Sensible Wallet

Sensible Wallet App To Make Money OnlineSensible Wallet is also a fantastic smartphone app that pay you money. It contains offers from over +13 different advertising companies so more chances of points and money. It pays big app installing points on every offer and free points on share and rating on Google play.

Some of the advertisers are these Unity Rewards, Supersonic, NativeX, TrialPlay, Super Reward and +7 more rewarding companies. You can make money by purchasing online through sponsor apps, installing apps, watching the video and referring peoples.

Get Sensible Wallet+100 Free Points

Get +100 Free points in Sensible Wallet as a bonus and start making money with mobile. Use my Ref Code "fa9f28" in Sensible Wallet.

6. App Bounty

AppBounty Mobile Apps that really Pay moneyAppBounty is available for both devices Android and iOS. So, you can earn money from iPhone or iPad too. Like AppKarma, it offers multiple ways of making money online through mobile. After installing this app, you will get all the list of sponsored apps in the front of your mobile screen. You can install apps and will get points after using it for 30 seconds. In AppBounty, 500 points are equal to 1$ if you want to withdraw it into PayPal. Otherwise, every gift card requires different points to redeem it. Currently, I am not using this app but it is trusted and high rated by real users on Google Play. Below I have given AppBounty redeem gift card platforms.

Get AppBounty +100 Free Points

Get +100 Free points in AppBounty as a bonus and start making money with mobile. Use my Ref Code "dvzlhtgi" in Sensible Wallet refer by box.

7. Wild Wallet – New

Wild Wallet New App to Make Money via MobileI am mentioning Wild Wallet in my 10 Mobile Apps to Earn Money and Giftcards as it contains new offers. This app is like Appnana but is newly launched.  Another advantage of using this app is that its new so peoples are not familiar with it. You can ref then and can earn extra money. So, therefore, it is in the list. This makes money app contain over +11 advertiser companies who offer different sponsored apps. However, 2 companies pay points on watching videos.

WildWallet gives +200 as a reward of inviting another user to this app. It contains a built-in function which allows you to share this app instantly to your friends on Facebook, Twitter Google, and WhatsApp.

Get WildWallet +200 Free Points

Get +200 Free points in Wild Wallet as a bonus and start making money with mobile. Use my Ref Code "2987870".

8. Grab Points

GrabPoints-Free-APP-That-Pay-MoneyGrabPoint is a popular mobile app that pay you on using their app. It offers high PPI(Pay Per Install) rates to the user. You can get bunches of sponsored apps and videos in this make money mobile app. If you are from the unpopular country, then it’s best because it offers apps to every county. Most of my listed apps give high points to the popular country user, but it is worth for everyone. GrabPoint

GrabPoint gives extra points more than 1500 on completing offers. Even you can earn 500 free points by its video on youtube. Check-in every day and complete survey to earn points faster. GrabPoints also give 50% from your referred earned points. Its mean if your refer earn 1000 points then you will be rewarded with 500 points. Sounds cool.

Install GrabPoint + Special Bonus

Use my Ref Code "HYUHFD" to get a special bonus in GrabPoint.

9. Diamond Cash: New Free Giftcard App

DiamondsCashDiamondCash app is another fastest rewards site to earn free gift cards. It’s also compatible in over +15 countries so anyone can use it to make money through the mobile and iOS device. Highest points can reward you, just select an app from sponsored app list and play it for 30 seconds. This app also gives points on watching trailers. Invite friends and get 20% of commission of their earned points. In Diamond Cash, 500 points are equal to 1$ and you can send it directly to PayPal or can redeem it.

Install DiamondCash +250 Free Points

To get +250 free points install the app from the above link and use my given refer code. Input my Ref Code "13771789" to get a special bonus in DiamondCash.

10. Cash For App

GetCashForAppAs the name say, this is also a android app that pay you real cash. CashForApp is last android app to money through iphone and android. It is based on only app install so you can earn by only installing sponsored apps. You can earn points by referring friends. It offers too many platforms to withdraw money, but opportunities of earning points are too low.

Install CashForApp+20 Free Points

To get +20 free points install the app from the above link and use my given refer code. Input my Ref Code "c93f65" to get a special bonus in CashForApp.

I believe that my list of Mobile Apps to Earn Money and Giftcards will be helpful for you to earn money and free gift cards for Amazon, Paypal, Google play, etc. These are best rewarding apps of 2019. I am also using some of these apps such as AppKarma and FreeMyApps.

Also read:

These two apps are trusted and amazing to get free gift cards. Millions of the users are using these apps to purchase resources in games like Clash of Clan, Boom Beach, Clash Royal, 8 Ball Poll, etc. You can also purchase apps by redeeming free gift card for Google Play

Do not forget to use my refer code, it will give you free bonus points in the beginning. Making money from a mobile device is new way and peoples are unaware of it. So, share this post with your friends on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

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