NameCheap vs Godaddy? Find the Best Registrar and Hosting Company

In my recent article about domain providers, I mentioned 15 Best Domain Name Registrar to buy Domain name at a cheap and low-cost price. Then I thought to clearer that which domain registrar and web hosting services is best Namecheap vs Godaddy?

I am currently using both domain registrar NameCheap and Godaddy. I register many of my domains with NameCheap as well as Godaddy. Both are the best for registering a domain name but what about the web hosting and other countable features that a person should require for starting his/her website.

So, this comparison is to help the newbies to choose the right company to register a domain and web host for his website. As I said previously, I have registered my domain name from both websites but they have differed prices and the web hosting plans.

So, choosing the right one from Godaddy vs Namecheap, sometimes make the customers/users confuse. Before discussing the details and comparison of these two registrars, let’s review the brief information about both companies and their features.

NameCheap vs GoDaddy? Find the Best Registrar and Hosting Company

About Companies:

About NameCheap:-

NameCheap is one of the leading domain providers in the world and is ICANN-accredited domain registrar and web hosting service provider. NameCheap has gained good reputation due to its great web hosting service and cheap domain registration prices.

NameCheap was founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. The most popular website LifeHacker recommend this domain registrar company in 2010. NameCheap does not register domain directly, it is a reseller registrar.

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About Godaddy:-

Godaddy is a largest domain registrar company that have more than 59 million domain under management. Godaddy is also an ICANN-accredited domain registrar. It is a very attractive company due to its name. But it is also very cheap registrar.

The founder of Godaddy is Bob Parsons. Godaddy provides all types of hosting plans and website builder. Godaddy is very popular site due to their advertisements on websites and Television.

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Customer Support:-

When it comes to comparing the customer support, both websites have better than other technical support. Many times I get issues while managing website and contact with NameCheap experts. NameCheap provides support via live chat and ticketing system. They do not talk about phone support which means they do not offer technical support via phone. I like NameCheap LiveChat support that help the customer to get a solution of their problems immediately.

On the Other hand, Godaddy offers only two types of technical support like NamCheap provides. They remove Email support and ticketing in favor of a phone and live chat in the past months ago. Godaddy makes it faster to get help instantly with live phone support.

According to me, both websites provides best technical support and connect with customers directly. So, NameCheap and Godaddy are equal in case of technical or customer support.


Domain Registration Prices:-

Prices are the first thing we see after loading the website. For most of us cheapest domain registrar is best if it also provides best key features.

When I compare the domain registration rates by searching a domain in both websites. I found that NameCheap offer lowest domain name registration prices than Godaddy. Godaddy price is 12.99$ and Namecheap rates are 10.69$. So, NameCheap is cheaper than GoDaddy.

On NamCheap, the domain registration price is 10.69$ per year with ICANN certificate fee it increases to 10.87/year. But they offer free WhoisGuard for the first year. NameCheap also offers PositiveSSL only in 1.99$ per year.

NameCheap also provides two months free 1 private Mailbox with info@, admin@, contact@, etc. or a custom one. So, with so much free features NamCheap is best.

On Godaddy, it’s true that Godaddy is cheapest domain registrar in the past. But when I try to register my domain name now it shows me that its price is 2.99$, and it ask me to select hosting plans.

When I cancel hosting plans and additional features, it shows that your 13.17$. They have changed the domain registration options

They add the option to register a domain with hosting or website builder+hosting. You are not able to register a domain name without selecting any plan of hosting in step 2 after finding the domain. Therefore, I can say that Godaddy is not so good. I hate this because many of the reviews of customers of GoDaddy give a thumb down and negative reviews about hosting service of Godaddy.

Again NameCheap wins in this comparison because if I do not want to hosting so why they force us to buy. Many of new blogger want to host their domain on a free blogging platform like Blogspot or WordPress.

Web Hosting Prices:-

Web hosting as we know that is recommended to online your websites. In case of web hosting, both companies web hosting plans.

Let us compare NameCheap and Godaddy in the web hosting prices.

In web hosting, NameCheap is cheaper and affordable than Godaddy in the web hosting plans. It offer web hosting in 9.88$/year with unlimited bandwidth and can online up to 3 websites on one hosting account. Do you like SSD disk space? If then Namecheap provides 20GB SSD disk space.

NmaeCheap offers free domain name with a web hosting plan that make it better than other web hosting websites.

While Godaddy offer web hosting that start from 4.99$ per month and 59.88$ per year which save over24$. Godaddy offers unlimited bandwidth and also the free domain name. However, can online one website in Economy plan.

User Experience:

Cheap domain registration and hosting plans are also good, but the user experience is a first thing you must know when choosing any company to start your website.

When we talk about reputation and user experience of any registrar, then reviews on domain registrar are the best source to get all pros and cons about domain registration and web hosting. But why? It is very necessary to learn from their customer reviews about what they face when they become a member of the registrar.

I will start out with NameCheap. When I search for NameCheap reviews on the internet. I come to know that all of the reviews are in the Namecheap side. Customers give up to 95% positive review about NameCheap. I also like NameCheap and recommend it.It also has well reputation on the internet about its domain registration prices.

Godaddy is the largest domain registrar. However, many of the reviews are negative about GoDaddy web hosting. Many of their customers face problems in hosting. But many of bloggers recommend GoDaddy for domain registration.

Website Interface:-

Both sites are well designed and provide a user-friendly interface. NameCheap and Godaddy have similar functionality and design. You can be easily able to search and register a domain name and also can buy addition features with the domain name.


I love freebies do you? I search on both websites about freebies when registering a new domain and found that NameCheap offer freebies and win in freebies comparison. Check out below about Namecheap freebies.

NameCheap is offering two free feature for every new domain registration. It provides WhoisGuard for the first year and Its value for the second year is a value of 2.88$ per year. Not stop here, NamCheap also offers users to get 2-month Mailbox if they want.

On the other hand, Godaddy does not offer any free thing when registering a new domain name. However, in web hosting plans it provides the free domain name and 1-year office 365 emails in 1$ per month lowest price.

Pros and Cons:

NameCheap Pros:-

  • NameCheap provides easy to use control panel. You do not need a little knowledge to use DNS(Domain Name System). You can connect domain with any service with DNS.
  • NameCheap provides same renewal price.
  • NameCheap gives many features free for years and months such as Mailbox and WhoiseGuard as introduced in freebies area.
  • It provides smartphone apps to buy or manage the domain.
  • It offers cheapest web hosting plans that are lowest then domain registration price.
  • NameCheap provides free DNS.

NameCheap cons:-

  • It does not provide technical support via Phone number and E-Mail system that is widely used in the world.
  • You can transfer domain name in 9.87$/year
  • It provides Whois Privacy free for a limited year and after that its price is 2.88$ per year.

GoDaddy Pros:-

  • GoDaddy offers easily controllable cPanel.
  • It provides an option of site backup and restore that help to restore website if any issue happens in it while making a change in it.
  • Offer cheapest web hosting plans start from

 GoDaddy Cons:-

  • Godaddy renewal price is 14.99$ per year which is unaffordable in next year, and you may waste all saving in the next year renewal.
  • GoDaddy does it provides best web hosting as we aspect from then. It can down your website.
  • You are limited to holding more than one website on one web hosting account.


  • Cheapest Web Hosting Plans
  • Free DNS
  • Free two months Mailbox
  • Free one Year WhoisGuard
  • 3 Domains on one Hosting account
  • 99% uptime support
Visit NameCheap


  • Cheap Domain Registration
  • Easy Control Panel
  • Backup and restore system
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Buy domain at 0.99$ for first the year
Visit GoDaddy


Both websites have their different features but are good according to their differ advantages. Just like price GoDaddy look like cheap but renewal rates are very high. On the other hand, NamCheap offers same domain registration prices for first to next year.

Truly, I am a member of both domain registrars. So, I am not favoring any website. According to my comparison, NameCheap is number one in Domain registration and also in web hosting features.

NameCheap is all rounded in features everything is good and better than Godaddy.  So, I recommend NameCheap for web hosting and domain registration if you are deciding to start website between Namecheap vs GoDadday.

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