Social Content Locker For Blogger To Increase Social Shares

Do you get thousands of page views but no one share your content?

Even if you are sharing contents that are helpful, original and unique. Yes, its unfair.

Do you know that you can lock your content with Social Content Locker For Blogger?

If you are not familiar with a social locker, then let me introduce it.


Social Content Locker is a type of plugin or widget that is used to increase social shares and likes by locking premium contents. It forces viewers to share, like or google plus your post to get their desired data that you are providing. With this locker, you can add your desired social buttons, even you can add countdown time and close button. The content will unlock when the user will do share, like or plus or must wait until the countdown time. Sounds Interesting!

How to Add Social Content Locker For Blogger

Social Content Locker For Blogger (How to Add?)

I have explained step-by-step everything that you must know to add this social locker in Blogger blog. It will not work if you do not follow these steps correctly. Besides, I also have written steps to change or add more social buttons, locker theme, add countdown time and to add or delete close button.

Step 1: Backup Template

First of all make a backup of your template before making modification and editing. If you are a newbie and do not know how to backup, then follow this step.

Open your Blogger dashboard and select your blog where you want to add a social content locker. Go to Template and click on Backup/Restore button to go ahead to make a backup. You can find this button on the top right side placed beside gear icon. Now click on Download Full Template.


Step 2: Adding StyleSheet and Javascript Source in Template

Now it’s time to add stylesheet and javascript source codes. So that the social locker widget will fetch all CSS style and javascript functions from the source code link. In the Template page, click on Edit HTML. Now copy the given code and paste it after the tag.

Click on Arrow icon to Expand Data

StyleSheet & Javascript Soruce Code and Link

Social Content Locker Javascript and CSS

One more thing, sometimes widgets does not work as many of the blogger templates does not include Jquery source link. Search for the above code if it is not in Template HTML editor then paste it after tag. For more information about jQuery click on the given button.

jQuery Source Link Code

Step 3: Doing Modification in Social Content Locker Functions

Now let’s make some changes in the widget functionalities. Follow the below sub-steps to change social profile links, countdown time and to add a close button for instant unlock. 

Changing Social Profiles

In the javascript codes, I have highlighted the social links with different colors. The blue color is as usual for Facebook, deemed sky color for Twitter and red colored for Google. Change the profile links with your website page or profile links.

Adding More Social Buttons

By Default, this widget include only three social button. But you can replace or can add more buttons.To replace or reorder social buttons, search for buttons: { order:[ “facebook-like”,”twitter-follow”,”google-plus” ] } in the given codes and change it or reorder it with the below code.

Use the Following Code:

  • For Facebook Like: “facebook-like”
  • For Facebook Share: “facebook-share”
  • For Google Share: “google-share”
  • For Google Plus: “google-plus”
  • For Twitter Tweet: “twitter-tweet”
  • For Twitter Follow: “twitter-follow”
  • For Linkedin Share: “linkedin-share”

Adding Countdown Time

This social content locker also supports countdown function. The visitor can wait for specified time to unlock premium content. If you want to turn on or off this feature, then follow me. Search for “timer: 150” or you can see the bold code in given social locker codes. I have added 150sec in the countdown. Add your desired time. Change the number to 180 if your want to add 3mins. No need of adding seconds or minutes with a number. To turn off this function replace it with 0.

Adding Close Button

In this social content locker, you can add a close button. So, that visitor that close it and will get data without waiting or giving share or link to your website. Above in the codes, I have made “close:1” code italic and bold. So, you can find it easily. Close:1 means that the close button is on. To turn off this function replace 1 with false.

Editing Content Header and Message

You also have the ability to change social locker header and message area. Search for “header: “Like us To Unlock This Content”,” to change header text and change the text given in double quotation. You can find message area after the header text and change text given in double quotation.

Changing Theme

This Social Content locker is available in 5 Themes. These themes are secrets, dandyish, starter, glass and flat. To change your blogger social locker theme search for theme:”secrets”. Secrets theme is by default. Change “secrets” with any of the given theme name.

Step 4: Adding Social Content Locker in Blogspot Post

Now everything that was needs to activate locker is done. It’s time to add it in Blogger posts for first use. To get HTML codes expand the tab and copy all of the HTML codes and paste it in Blogger post. Do not forget to change editor from compose to HTML. I have bold the text. Replace this text with your premium content or download link. Check out in the below snapshot.

Social Locker HTML to Use it in Blogger Post

Social Locker For Blogger

Step 5: Final Touch

Publish the Post after adding a social locker in the post editor. View your post and check that it is working correctly. In case, if it is not working contact me, I will be happy to help you.

Pros and Cons of Social Content Locker Plugin


1. Google Algorithms also count social shares and likes in SERP(Search Engine Result Page). There is a chance of getting a good position in Google search result if you have hundreds of social shares. So, social shares represent that content is helpful, so, therefore, viewers are sharing it.

2. Using Social locker for blogger can also help you to increase page views and subscribers. If someone share your article, then his friends on the social network can click on shared post. On the other hand, if someone like your page then he/she will get all pf your shared posts and status.


1.The viewers must like or share the post even if they do not like the article. Or the viewer must wait until countdown time.

2.It makes a bad impression on the audience sometimes.

Final Thoughts 

Social Content Locker is a good way to get social shares and likes. But sometimes it makes a bad impact on the visitor. So everything has its pros and cons. According to me, it is best for those websites which provide free contents even it is also best for those who upload and provide free movies.

I do believe, this tutorial was helpful and understandable. Do not forget to share this post on social networks if it works for you. Drop a comment to let me know if this social locker is working on your blogger blog.

7 thoughts on “Social Content Locker For Blogger To Increase Social Shares”

  1. Thanks for posting this article. There are two questions from me:
    1. After some trials. When selecting one social share than canceled , the locked content will open.
    2. The effect from number one. If we have visit the post before, the social locker not displayed.
    Thanks you very much.

    • Yes Aap, the locked content will open if someone selects one social share and then cancel it after getting content inside the social content locker. He/She can only do that by going to his/her social sharing account. Answer of your second question is yes if somebody already has unlocked the social content locker then next time there is no need to open it again. The social locker will open automatically.


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