If you are a new blogger, then you should know about Guest Blogging. If you are not familiar with the word Guest posting or blogging, then you must read this article to learn everything about it.

I will explain you the meaning of guest blogging with an example. As you know the meaning of “guest” any outsider who is invited to visit you or is not a member of your home here it belongs to blog or website. And blogging means writing articles and posts. Guest Blogging is also called guest posting. So, the result shows that Guest Blogging means a post that is not your own but published on your website as a guested post. Or requiring another blogger to post your content on his blog.

Guest Blogging is a method that is used by bloggers to increase their reputation and to explore his/her website by showing their contents on another website. It helps bloggers to increase their traffic, backlinks and also to make a relationship with other bloggers.

Do you know the benefits of backlinks from well reputational websites: backlinks are one of the best sources to increase authority and page rank. Is it cool? Search engine give plus point to your site in the search result if you have good content with good PageRank. I will tell you further more about it after talking about guest posting types.

Types of Guest Blogging:

Guest Blogging on another website:
It is so simple to understand the first type of guest blogging. In it you and I write a contents to be published on other websites or blogs. In this way, you get a backlink from his/her blog and traffic by backlink given in the post. It helps to explore your post on other websites.

Guest Blogging on own website:
In the second type of guest posting, you need to publish other blogger contents on your site. So, you get a new post, and the post provider get backlink and traffic. But no more traffic then you get if the post gets a position in the search result, Hence, both blog owners get benefits.

Ask your self-questions before you choose any blog to do guest blogging

There are hundreds of blogs are available on the internet to publish a guest post on it. But if you want to get benefits then you must follow the important points I mentioned.

  • Does the blog have high PageRank in Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines?
  • Does the blog get valuable pageviews every day?
  • Does it have readers on his/her blog?
  • Do their readers comment on blog or share posts on social networks?
  • Does blog have their pages on social networks?
  • Does the blog owner share his/her blog posts on their social pages?

How Guest Blogging is Difficult for us?

Guest Posting or blogging is one of the most difficult tasks for me and will be for you. Doing too much hard working to write the best post, doing SEO and making the post attractive then giving it to other blog owner stop us.

Many times it happens with me when I write a post for publishing it on other blog and make it SEO ready. But when I the post complete. My mind change and I publish it on my blog. Who love to give its post to any other But guest blogging give you many benefits that you blog can not able to again faster without guest blogging.

On the other hand, how can any blogger can trust another blogger to publish his/her post on the own blog. No one wants to give do follow backlink to another blogger. The question every blogger should think after getting guest post is….

  • Does the post is original or not
  • Does guest post will be helpful for me
  • Does it really able to get backlink

So, if you get any guest post from the unknown blog, then you must notice these points first. Otherwise, if the content will not be original then, it can be bad for your blog. You must research for the blog and its blog owner to get every information. I think that both ways are difficult and are not easy to do.

How to Search Blogs in Google for Guest Posting:

Google is the biggest search engine to find anything. Google is the best place to find guest post accepted blogs. It has many functions that most of us does not know, and I will show you how to find exect keyword in it. If you want to find blogs that have guest blogging page, then enter the following words with quotes.

  • keyword “submit a guest post”
  • keyword “guest post”
  • keyword “guest post by”
  • keyword “write for us”
  • keyword “blog for us”

These keywords are commonly used by bloggers to enter the category of guest posting in the menu or page. Google will search this keyword only.

If you do not want to search for the blog, then  MyBlogGuest is a blogger community that is the best source for find blog to do a guest blog. Sign up, it’s totally free and search blogs that accept guest posting and request him/her.

Things Guest Blogging Page must need:

  1. Writing Topics for guest post
  2. Writing your requirement for post
  3. Benefits that you will give to the publisher
  4. Your Terms and Policy
  5. Guest Post Publish form

Three benefits of doing Guest Blogging on other Blog:

benefits of doing Guest Blogging

There are three primary benefits that every blogger will get by posting their contents on other blogs.

Traffic from other blogs: If you publish a guest post on your blog or publish on any other blog then both will get traffic but with different ways. Blog, where the post is published will get traffic by search or by the readers of the blog. On the other hand guest blogger will get traffic by a link back to its blog that will help the writer of the post to get traffic. If the blog has dozens of readers, then they also can share your guest post on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Blog owner will also share your post on their pages which will help your content to more explore because his/her page will have readers if you have chosen the right blog according to my given points in the “How to choose right blog for Guest Blogging”

Backlink: One of the best thing about guest blogging is backlink provided by a blog where you publish a post. As a gift for the guest post. It’s true that backlinks are the best source for PR (PageRank) and it affect blog rank that help to drive more traffic.

Google search algorithm give more priority to the blog in a search that have better PageRank then other blogs.

The relation between Blogger: If you have a friendship with other peoples who have the same passion like you then they will be very helpful for you.


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I am Muhammad Rizwan, a student of BSCS, and a part-time blogger. My interest in computer and internet brought me to web development, and now I am working on this website. I love to share my opinions and review and to help peoples worldwide. My goal is to improve myself in blogging field and to make my website successful.

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